BeamViewer Mobile Augmented Reality Framework

BeamViewer is a real-time mobile Augmented Reality framework for visualization and interactions with wireless network activities.


Wireless research and education are often hindered by the fact that RF electromagnetic signals are invisible and therefore hard to visualize. Domain-specific software, such as those used for antenna radiation pattern measurements, has significantly enhanced the level of radiation visualization through interactive 3D plots. However, the intuition stops there and does not carry over into the real-word operational environment of antennas and radios. As a result, there exists a real disconnect in visualization between the available antenna radiation patterns and their effects on wireless network performance.

In this demo, we present BeamViewer, an augmented reality framework to help visualize and capture the dynamic radiation patterns of reconfigurable antennas in real time. BeamViewer takes inputs from the cognitive radios controlling beam-steerable antennas and annotates on a live-view mobile screen the active pre-measured radiation patterns. This capability adds an unprecedented level of instant visualization and provides valuable insights into the dynamics of a reconfigurable antenna-based cognitive radio network.